Romaine lettuce recall: Can you buy lettuce safely at the grocery store?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The warnings continue over romaine lettuce as E. coli spreads across the country.

Cleveland19 wanted to know whether grocery stores here in Northeast Ohio are still carrying romaine lettuce on their shelves.

We checked in with five grocery store chains, local, regional and national and we found many of them are still selling romaine lettuce.

Next we wanted to know where it was grown, and that was easier to find out at some stores more than others.

Shoppers are keeping an eye on the romaine lettuce recall sweeping the country.

"I like having lettuce in my bowl. And there's no lettuce," said Jonathan Glenn.

Lori Crum and her son Jonathan wish eating healthy didn't come with risks like this.

"Being able to purchase items that are contaminant free for your family. Because you want to provide your family with safe eating," Crum said.

If you don't know where the romaine lettuce is from, the CDC says do not eat it.

The source of the outbreak is Yuma, Arizona.

Cleveland19 called five grocery stores and even checked them out in person.

Are grocery stores still carrying romaine lettuce?

Heinen's says they're carrying romaine lettuce from California.

Some Marc's locations are not carrying it at all.

You can find romaine lettuce at Giant Eagle, they tell us it's not from the Yuma region.

We checked in person at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Trader Joe's is selling romaine lettuce from California and it's clearly labeled.

A Whole Foods worker says the romaine lettuce on their shelves is not from Arizona, but he didn't know where it was grown.

For some people, knowing it's not from the contaminated region isn't enough.

"I still wouldn't trust it, we've been staying away from it for quite a few weeks now, going with head lettuce and other types of lettuce instead," said Christine Valentino.

She may have the right idea.

Consumer Reports says you should avoid all romaine lettuce because it's unrealistic to expect consumers to figure out exactly where their lettuce is from.

More than 50 people across the country have gotten sick from E. Coli right now and about 30 of them have been hospitalized.

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