Fire destroys wheelchair-accessible van for 12-year-old paralyzed child

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Lindniquea Curry doesn't know how her 12-year-old daughter has the courage to move on, she said.

"She's been through a lot and even when she was in the hospital she never worried about anything except me how I'm feeling am I OK."

Lindnyah has had a lot to deal with her whole little life.  She is in a wheelchair after being shot at 9 years old.

She doesn't want people taking care of her she wants to do it herself.

So you can imagine the shock and surprise to the mother of seven when she saw their only van on fire Monday night.

"When the car first started flaming it ripped all the siding down busted the window and all this was on fire."

Curry took pictures of what was left of the 2010 Town and Country.

"That's replaceable they're not. I'm just happy we made it out."

But here is the problem.

That was the only van Lindnyah could get out of easily.

This child has had a horrible road.

Her own uncle Lindsey Curry shot her on July 4 in 2015.

He is now in prison.


Uncle charged with shooting 2 children


But she has a prison of her own.

She is cannot move anything from the waist down.

This is her reaction to the burning van: "I didn't have no thinking in my brain it was nothing."

"I ask why is everything happening yes I do I just feel like we were starting fresh and it's a major setback," says Curry.

Curry says her daughter also has a blood infection and she's been receiving treatment at Cleveland Clinic, now the family has no way of getting to those appointments.

Curry says the police are investigating who could have done this.

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