Cleveland transportation company reports CMSD owes $160K in unpaid services

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Steve Bandi runs The Ohio Connection, a business that buses high school students to all kinds of events.

One of his biggest clients is the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

He says they are slow in paying him and are unresponsive, "Let me ask you something: is it normal that I have to take a personal loan from the bank so I can pay my drivers?"

Last year, Bandi said he was owed $60,000 and was having trouble getting paid. This year, the same payment problem has surfaced, but he is now reportedly owed $160,000.

"They pay, but they always sending me something so make sure that I survive. But these are crumbs," he said.

Bandi's private client payments are allowing him to survive, but he says just barely.

Cleveland 19 tried to get an answer for Bandi at the district's transportation department. They said inquiries would be made.

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