Mayor Frank Jackson pledges to clean up man-made mess at West Park Cemetery

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The problem is clear from photos a viewer sent to Cleveland 19, or by simply entering West Park Cemetery on Ridge Road in Cleveland.

The cemetery is owned by the city of Cleveland and was established in 1900; it covers 127 acres.

When it rains heavily, areas of the cemetery flood. Other places show the wear and tear of the freeze-thaw cycle as stones are heaved out of the ground.

A long-since-removed tree continues to prove unsightly.

The sad truth about the graves in the older parts of the cemetery is that in large measure they are forgotten.

And then there is the newer part of the cemetery.

Dale and Sharon Mackey were visiting and found a man-made mess.

One Sharon feels is at the very least insensitive saying, "I came here and just burst out crying. When you saw this? Yes, my mother is here and my son's over there."  What she saw were marks from where backhoes rode right over graves and headstones including her mother's to get to a spot to dig new graves.

She physically cleaned her mother's stone but the torn up grass will take time.

Sharon hasn't complained but asks a question: "I'd like to know how Mayor Jackson would like it if his mother and son were here?"

At the maintenance shop and the office we were told by everyone to contact superiors.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Frank Jackson's office got back to us with a promise: the cemetery will be cleaned up by Mother's Day.

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