Prison for social worker and mom who conspired to profit at the cost of family

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two women, charged in a food stamp fraud scheme were sentenced on April 26.

The case is high profile because Larissa Rodriguez, the mother of a murdered boy Jordan Rodriguez was part of the scheme.

The second woman was her social worker Nancy Carabello.

First before Judge Nancy Margaret Russo was Carabello.

As expected her attorney asked for probation, the state asked for prison.

As expected there was also an apology from Carabello who said "I'm so deeply sorry for what I have done."

Likely the most telling moment of her sentencing was a simple question asked by Judge Russo "I don't understand how you could be in that position and ever think this was going to be OK."  Carabello struggled to answer, not saying anything for 12 seconds.

While she had no answer, evidence shows the position she put herself in was deliberate including a surveillance picture of her with a cart full of groceries leaving a store.

Food for her own use that might otherwise have been used to nourish Jordan and his siblings.

There was also a text trail that in ways is chilling.  Amounts of money left on cards and even a post where Carabello says I spent $150 at Sam's so now go home to d rop off what I have then going to Walmart to spend the other $200.

Typically she would have paid Larissa Rodriguez half those amounts, in effect doubling her money.

Prosecutor Matt Meyer listed priorities Rodriguez had other than feeding her family.

"To buy gas and to facilitate visits to her boyfriend who at the time was in prison in Medina County."

Rodriguez said nothing.

She was sentenced to six years, Carabello to three and a warning appropriate for both women.

Her warning to both about the sentences.

"You don't have a prior criminal record but I also don't think that probation is appropriate. This is still a very serious breach of trust."

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