Driving Cleveland Crazy: Frankfort Avenue and West Roadway

Hazardous Cleveland crosswalk has residents fuming

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Linda Hochartz has worked at 55 Public Square for three years and says she's seen numerous pedestrians nearly struck in what she believes is a poorly marked crosswalk just outside her office at Frankfort Avenue and West Roadway.

She said when she sees a close call now, she'll scream "It's a crosswalk!", which has led to some obscene gestures or remarks thrown her way.

The problem is there is no indication the area is a crosswalk except for the faded white paint that Linda said is ignored or difficult to see for drivers.

There's also a left turn only lane that is ignored by drivers who keep going straight, giving pedestrians another car to worry about.

Adding to the confusion are parked cars on the street and a hot dog stand at the curb where people frequently stop for lunch. Linda believes pedestrians take their life into their hands if they cross when the area is not completely clear.

Linda's recommendations include yellow signs on both sides of the crosswalk that will catch the attention of drivers, especially those in the left hand turn lane.

She'd like to see flashing lights, but knows some drivers ignore those in her West Park neighborhood as well.

Downtown Councilman Kerry McCormack spoke to Cleveland 19 over the phone and said he needed to learn more about the issue, but says at the least the crosswalk should be repainted.

He plans on following up with the street department to see what can be done to improve the safety in and around Public Square.

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