Vote on Ohio's Issue 1 and shape the state's congressional electoral process (Guest Editorial)

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - My name is Susan Murnane and I am co-president of the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland.

May 8 is primary Election Day and I urge all registered voters to go to the polls.

This year, in addition to partisan candidates, local issues and school levies, voters are being asked to vote on one statewide issue: Issue One--a constitutional amendment to change the way that Ohio draws the boundaries of Congressional Districts to a bi-partisan, public process.

Although May elections don't always draw a huge turnout, it is important to exercise your civic duty.

If you don't want to vote on a partisan ballot you can ask for an "Issues Only" ballot.

Before going to the polls, you can find out more about all the issues and candidates by consulting the League's non-partisan online voter guide, VOTE411.  Just go to and enter your address.

You can view your ballot, as well as research and compare candidates and issues.

We encourage you join the community and sign up for communications from the League of Women Voters.

Our democracy depends on your active participation.

Thank you.

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