Sheffield Lake brainiacs advance to World Robotics Competition: Romona's Kids

SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Some amazing local students are heading to a robotics world competition next week, after racking up the awards this year.

Students from Brookside Intermediate School in Sheffield Lake are on a winning streak. Four teams: "The Elite Four," "Chunky Monkeyz," "Chili Cheese," and "Brookside Smart" are going to Louisville for the Vex IQ Robotics World Championships after qualifying at the state competition in February.

"Teamwork is one of the main things you have to communicate and stay on the right page if you want to get the most points possible," said Brookside 5th grader, Joseph DeLuca.

"At our very first competition it was the greatest feeling of all time and every single competition after that, our goal was to win at least two awards," said Brookside 6th grader Ben Montgomery.

"There are six teams at the elementary level that make it to the worlds for Ohio and four of those teams came from this program, so it was a pretty big day for us," said team coach Mitch Rion.

"It's a lot of commitment because this is after school so you have to show up here twice a week and work on the robot, drive it, practice," said 4th grader Elliot Rion.

"It's really just if you do the right thing, good things happen," said 5th grader Nicholas Arra. "We learned a lot but at the same time it was fun!"

"At first I had no interest bur my mom made me join but then I started to like it," said 5th grader Mya Frazier.

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