Driving Cleveland Crazy: Clifton Boulevard near the Lakewood border

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Clifton Boulevard is one of the main roadways in and out of Cleveland on the west side.

It serves as a gateway to the west suburbs and runs into the city of Lakewood.

With apartments and restaurants lining the street near West 112th Street, there's plenty of pedestrians too.

But despite yellow signs with flashing lights, residents tell Cleveland 19 cars treat this stretch of Clifton like a highway and rarely, if ever, stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Those who live nearby say drivers are so focused on getting in or out of the city that they don't pay any attention to the crosswalk.

Rick Harvey believes that because the pedestrian signs are always flashing whether someone is in the crosswalk or not, drivers have become immune to the warning and drive straight through.

We witnessed several people attempting to cross, but having to wait for speeding cars to pass them by, rather than a car making a lawful stop at the crosswalk.

One man pointed to the pedestrian sign with both index fingers in exasperation as a car drove by.

Rick believes a HAWK (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon) system like the one in Lakewood at nearby Detroit Road and Manor Park would help Clifton because those flashing lights are only active when someone is in the crosswalk and send out a variance of lights to get the attention of drivers.

Residents also say they've complained to Cleveland Police but rarely see officers out near the Lakewood border and understand more pressing issues exist in the city.

We attempted to reach ward Councilman Matt Zone, but he is out of town at a conference. Mayor Frank Jackson's office did not return a request for comment.

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