National Drug Take Back Day helps save the environment

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - April 28 is National Drug Take Back Day.

Police stations from all over the country are working to keep prescription drugs from falling into the wrong hands.

"It's all prescription meds Obviously some of them are heavy narcotics and some are simple seltzer and vitamins but we take them all," said Organizer, Sgt. Mike Grywalsky.

Officers at the Strongsville Police Department have collected hundreds if not thousands of pills from over 100 of it's citizens.

"We had people calling already before 8 o'clock this morning about coming to drop it off. A lot of them may come from grandparents and older sets of parents," said Sgt. Grywalsky.

The multi-annual collection not only keeps these prescription drugs from going into the wrong hands, but also helps to save the environment.

"People pour it down the sink and it contaminates the water. It's just not good for the environment," said Sgt. Grywalsky.

"We didn't want to pollute what didn't want to be polluted. It's the decent thing to do. Don't throw them down the toilet - It's what you should do," said one Strongsville resident who wished not to be named.

Once the drugs are collected,  hey're then boxed up and sent to the DEA's office for disposal. But what if you weren't able to make it out today? Well now you can drop your unwanted prescriptions here at the Strongsville Police Station all year

"This past year we were able to put in a drug drop off box here in the lobby," said Sgt. Grywalsky.

"This is just one city. Imagine what it is all over greater Cleveland," said Patrolman, Greg Drlik.

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