Bike Strong training more officers to police on bikes

LYNDHURST, OH (WOIO) - You'll be seeing some police bike patrol officers with "mad riding skills" this summer, thanks to a special training.

Officers from from all over Cuyahoga County, came out in force today, to train on their bicycles.

For the last three days, they've been running through exercises and obstacle courses using their bicycles.

The goal is is to get certified so that they can Police this way back with their agencies.

This is is the fifth year Bike Strong  has hosted the training through Notre Dame College police department.

Chief Jeffrey Scott says he believes this is one of the best ways to police here in Northeast Ohio.

Many of the officers say they were eager to come out and do this training after Cleveland successfully hosted the RNC. You may remember all of the officers who patrolled the city on their bicycles.

The officers will do a 20 mile ride late Saturday through some of those main streets near Notre Dame. So if you see them, wave hello and make room for them on the road!

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