A Northeast Ohio golf course's answer to the goose invasion: A Border Collie named Finn (photos)

CLEVELAND, OH -- What is more peaceful than sitting near a pond and watching geese float and swim around? Joan Stephens lives near a pond in Avon.

"They are fun to watch sometimes, but they are very nasty and very messy," she said.

They can be aggressive, and messy as well. At Big Met Golf Course they used to clean up from the geese in bucketfuls.

"We little would have to shovel their droppings off the greens. They can drop about a pound or more a day. They are very healthy birds," said Sean McHugh, executive director of golf operations.

They devised a high-tech plan to scare the birds -- a 4-year-old Border Collie named Finn.

"He doesn't catch them, bite them, he just gets them to move on to greener pastures so they don't leave a mess behind at the golf courses," Hughs said.

What can you do if these seemingly serene creatures take over your yard?

Not much, they are protected both by the state and federal government.

They like open green spaces, like your lawn.

"Sometimes it is as simple as planting higher vegetation that they can't see over," said Jon Cepek, wildlife ecologist at Cleveland Metroparks.

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