Clevelanders ready for cleaner lake shore as trash pickup gets under way

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Glenwood Shannon clearly sees the treasure beyond all the lake shore trash.

"I can make a little stand with that. This could be a top of a table," he said.

Shannon is picking up driftwood off of Whiskey Island. And beyond the garbage, plastic and hypodermic needles, he finds exactly what he is looking for,

"It's not hard, just look at the pieces, they'll clean it up eventually."

And there was a cleanup on Earth Day earlier this month.

And yet, the lake shore and Edgewater Park look dirty.

Ruth Rogers says while much of the beach is clean she won't get near the water

"It really needs to be cleaned up for most of the people to enjoy it," she said.

At the end of May, the concerts will return here, and so will the swimmers--though some have already taken to the chilly waters.

But most who come to Edgewater want it to be the jewel of Cleveland.

"It's a public park, right? You have to clean up after yourself. It doesn't matter if it's dog poop  or trash, or food. It belongs to you and you still have to take it with you," said one resident.

Now that the Cleveland Metroparks control some of the local beaches, they have made tremendous changes, including a beach house at Edgewater.

The Concerts at Edgewater come back on May 31.

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