5 years after escaping Cleveland's 'House of Horrors,' Michelle Knight moves on in new book

5 years after escaping Cleveland's 'House of Horrors,' Michelle Knight moves on in new book

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In a new book that hits shelves on Tuesday, one of the three women who escaped after being held captive for more than a decade discusses how she recovered from the traumatic kidnapping.

Michelle Knight, who is now known as Lily Rose Lee, authored "Life After Darkness." The new book comes out five years this month since she escaped from Ariel Castro.

"Life After Darkness" is Knight's second publication. She said that she hopes to empower others through trauma by sharing her story.

"I am helping abuse victims by simple going out everyday speaking at multiple different domestic violence, human trafficking, making them aware how they can overcome things, how they can have the same strength, just by my words, just by speaking to them," Knight said.

Knight, now 37, was kidnapped by Castro in 2002 where he imprisoned her inside his home on Seymour Avenue for nearly 11 years. Castro impregnated her several times and then beat her until she miscarried, Knight says.

He went on to abduct Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus and sexually abused the three women while holding them captive in the same house. The three were able to escape together in May 2013.

Since the escape, Knight has since married and changed her name. She chose the new name because "lilies were pure of heart," she said during an interview on "Megyn Kelly Today." Her middle name comes from her best friend "Rose," who supported her during the trying time. "Lee" is her son's middle name.

Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years. He committed suicide in his prison cell a few months after his sentencing.

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