How to keep Northeast Ohio's kids, pets safe from lawn fertilizers and chemicals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Arie Chapmon loves his 6-year-old Schnauzer, Roscoe, and he wants to make sure his lawn is beautiful and safe for his dog.

"About 10 years ago, I had the same Schnauzer and he got sick. I had to take him to the hospital and it cost me quite of bit of money," he said. "I called a lawn company and I asked them what was in the chemical. I got a guy who didn't give me too much of an explanation. He told me they all got dogs and they do thousands of lawns."

Not exactly what Arie wanted to hear. So, he ended up going with the same lawn care company his neighbor uses.

All that begs the question: how safe are the lawn chemicals for children and pets?

Adam Rybak works for Weed Man Lawn Care. The 20-year-old company uses chemicals that are kid and pet friendly, not long after application.

"With the fertilization, it's a granular product. It's pretty much safe to on the lawns right after we're done with the application. With weed control, it's to knock out grab grass and pre-emergent as well as all the dandelion popping up everywhere. With that, you're going to want to give it at least an hour or two to dry or longer if necessary," said Rybak.

Pediatricians say if your child gets into the grass treated by chemicals before it's safe, keep an eye on them for signs of irritation.

The EPA says be sure to wash kids toys if they've been exposed to lawn chemicals.

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