Looking back at booming lightning strike in Bay Village

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - Neighbors are still talking about a lightning strike in Bay Village that occurred almost a year ago.

"There was a huge boom, and I actually jumped back into bed because I was so scared. It was unlike anything I had ever heard," said neighbor Allison Wiersma.

Last July, a storm rolled through a Bay Village neighborhood, leaving its mark.

"I never thought that could happen. I never thought it could happen from lightning hitting the ground, not even a tree falling on something," Wiersma said.

Lightning struck just outside Donna Blocksidge's home. At the time, she explained what she heard.

"It made me scream, it made the loudest sound I've ever heard. It sounded like a bomb went off," said homeowner Donna Blocksidge.

The bolt likely hit near a tree, and rippled up through the driveway, and into the house, charring the electrical outlets.

"Everyone started coming out and seeing what had happened. It was shocking to see how much something like that could have been done, and no one was hurt," said neighbor Jan Russell.

The lightning strike was so powerful it popped up the driveway like it was popcorn. The family has since replaced it.

"People would drive by their house, everyone felt so sorry for them. They would be out in the yard and people would want to talk to them about it," Russell said.

Neighbors say they are more cautious during storms, but nothing could have stopped mother nature.

"I think it was an act of god, not something you could prevent," Wiersma said.

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