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Hairstyle on new African-American Barbie sparks social media debate (photo)

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

A newly-released African-American Barbie doll is at the center of an online debate.

The controversy started when the doll debuted on Barbie's official Instagram in April.

The Barbie doll, seen sitting with two other figurines, has one side of her hair braided with a blonde weave on the other side.

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Some took to social media to express their anger with the new doll's hairstyle, saying it's "unacceptable."

Not everybody was upset. Others joked about the doll.

Other comments on the Instagram post include, "My gosh!! Its a doll.....they don't depict any other race the correct way either. People just whine entirely too much these days. Don't like it, then don't buy or support them, problem solved."

The photo was shared on Instagram as a promotion to Hulu's recently-released documentary "Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie."

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