New Cleveland Browns stadium could prove pivotal to downtown revitalization (editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As Cleveland continues to revitalize the downtown, a new player may suddenly be on the field.

Word comes that the Cleveland Browns may be looking at a new stadium in a different part of town.

Now, this could take 10 years to come to fruition, but on the surface, I've got to say I love the idea.

From the Browns standpoint, it would be great to see the team get deeply involved in helping the city's growth.

Think of so many neighborhoods in Cleveland that could really benefit from having the stadium – and another potential East 4th street-type area – suddenly pumping dollars in.

It also potentially means one of the most valuable commodities the city has – lakefront property – could be better utilized. Granted, the view from the current stadium is fantastic, but wouldn't it be great to use that land more than eight or 10 times a year?

There would obviously be a ton of discussions to have: everything from funding to geography, but it's great to hear that this kind of thing could be in the works.

A rare chance to bring more value to two areas in town.

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