Ambulances now allowed on Highland Avenue Bridge

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - "It worries me, I have a child.  Anything can happen," Euclid resident Jerome Stewart said.

At a time when seconds make a difference, the Euclid Fire Department said this bridge repair project will cost them seven minutes. The bridge is in worse condition than engineers originally thought, and the weight of a firetruck could cause the bridge to collapse.

"I don't feel safe at all, that's a major problem," Stewart said.

The department was called to Stewart's building earlier this week.  Fortunately, it turned out safely.

"I've had to call the ambulance a couple of times," said Raymond Tamburro

Tamburro tells me he's always had quick response time with ambulances.  Fortunately, they can still drive on the bridge.  It still makes him nervous.

"Yes it does. If we have a fire, it's going to take an extra seven minutes," Tamburro said.

Neighbors say they do have fire extinguishers but they hope neighboring fire departments will help out.

"If it's that serious, I think they would contact Richmond Heights," said John Rack

The Euclid Fire Department has reached out to Richmond Heights, Highland Heights, and South Euclid to help, if needed.

"Hopefully it will never happen, but you have to be prepared," Tamburro said.

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