High school students make wigs for cancer patients

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - One local school of cosmetology is helping to ease the burden on those battling cancer.

The school's goal is to help patients get a little more bounce in their hair and their steps.

"People want to look good. They want to feel and look good," said Cleveland Heights Cosmetology Instructor, Donna Pollard.

It's a feeling that Pollard and her high school pupils are hoping to help more women experience - one strand at a time.

"They put on their wigs. They come their hair. No one's looking at them. They're happy," said Pollard.

For the past three years, the Heights school of cosmetology has been partnering with the American Cancer Society - donating the wigs made here to women who are on track to living a normal life again.

"We're able to help more than just one person. The more wigs we make the better," said high school junior Serenity Jackson.

Even though the Heights School of Cosmetology has only been doing this for three years, so far they've been able to donate over 40 wigs to women battling Cancer.

"We actually were able to see the patients with the wigs. They talked to a teenager who had cancer. They cried. They Laughed," said Pollard.

High school junior Kaela Ruffin says her passion for helping is "tangled" with her personal life.

"A lot of my friends have close relatives who have died from cancer. To help, it just means a lot," said Ruffin.

She and the rest of her classmates are aiming to carry on the flow of helping others as time goes by.

"I'm gonna try to open my own salon once I leave college," said Jackson.

Students hand crafted the wigs are from several schools in the "Heights" community. They're all apart of the Heights Career Tech Consortium.

"They're very creative. Once you show them, they're gone. They run with it," said Pollard.

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