Highland Avenue Bridge woes continue in Euclid

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - We're getting answers as the Highland Avenue Bridge is still under repairs and firetrucks are not allowed on it because of weight restrictions.

This was supposed to be a temporary issue, but the fire department has concerns over response times, since they can't use the bridge.

Thursday Cleveland 19 News reported that ambulances would be allowed but still no fire trucks. Chief of Euclid Fire Department, Christopher L. Haddock said the detour will affect their response times by about 7 minutes.

"You know certainly when it comes to fire responses, the rate with which fire spreads, seconds count so we're gonna want to make sure we get there as soon as possible," he said.

He says they've had 13 fire and EMS calls since the bridge closed in March and there haven't been any issues. They have a plan in place in case of emergency---utilizing help from Richmond Heights, South Euclid and Highland Heights fire departments.

"That hasn't happened, we hope it doesn't but that's the reason we do these mutual aid systems that if we get the closest piece of equipment that can get there and if they're out, then we go to the next one and we're very fortunate that with this batch, we're able to track that and  see what's available and get the best unit available," he said.

But some, still worry.

He says these mutual aid relationships are key and in the best interests of keeping everyone safe.

The repairs to the bridge may not be finished until November.

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