Medina City Councilman, in pursuit of inclusivity, wants gender neutral titles

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - A Medina councilman would like to be referred to as councilperson, and is hoping to change all municipal titles to gender neutral.

Councilman at-large Bill Lamb wants to change the nameplates and all municipal documents to reflect the new titles.

Lamb would like the Medina City Council to discuss the proposal in a couple of weeks.

Voters aren't so sure.

"It's pointless. The job isn't about what you are called, it's about what you get done," said resident Tina Procaccini.

"There are a hundred other things that are more important than if i call you a female, male or person," said resident Morgan Balodis.

Lamb says he's introducing the proposal now because it's time. He's hoping by changing language, it will encourage more people to run for office.

"Why not broaden the circle, and instead of being biased, why don't we be more inclusive with our language?" Lamb said.

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