Solon residents up in arms over sprawling winery, hotel development proposal

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - Solon residents are concerned about a proposed development on Bainbridge Road.

Residents say the land is zoned for residential, but there's a proposal to bring in a winery, small commercial shops and town homes.

It's easy to see why Barbara Shane bought her house in Solon 15 years ago.

"I love it. I raised my kids here. Solon has a great school system.  Neighbors are great, we all look out for each other," Shane said.

She recently received a letter saying she might be getting new neighbors.

"It took us by complete surprise when we all received a notice in the mail a couple days ago that would put a mixed-use development on that property," Shane said.

Neighbors say they figured the land would be developed someday. Their concern is that Bainbridge Road wouldn't be able to handle the traffic for commercial development.

"We had no idea it would be this mixed-use development with all kinds of underground parking lots and hotel," said neighbor Nora Gecovich.

"The amount of traffic, if the infrastructure could handle it, lights parking lots, strangers in the area," Shane said.

Shane says the company that bought the 200 acre property has invited neighbors to an open house to ask questions, she not only plans on attending, but is holding her own meeting for neighbors next week.

"We want to protect our children and our home properties," said Gecovich.

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