Cedar Lee top 25 finalist in 'America;s Main Street' competition

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It was a beautiful day for folks in the Cedar Lee corridor of Cleveland Heights.

Yes, there was delightful weather, but also because the area has been named one of 25 finalists in a contest to determine "America's Main Street."

The competition runs through May 27.

What does the neighborhood have to offer?

Plain Dealer political contributor Brent Larkin uses words for a living, and summed up his thoughts concisely saying, "This is a great street."

Another woman agreed: "This is a great place just to walk around and see people, get a little something to eat."

One thing that is unmistakable, Cedar Lee captures a neighborhood feel, mixing some chain-run businesses with a lot of locally-owned shops and restaurants.

Jamal Collins loves it here saying "Got the library, got coffee, you got nice pizza."

There is more than food, obviously.

The Cedar Lee Theater is an anchor. The Stone Oven has been here 23 years.  Owner John Emerman has seen lots of changes noting, "I've always done well on the street, but it's nice to see lots of new businesses coming in so I'm optimistic."

With all the great reviews, we had to ask: is there anything wrong? A woman passing by said, "A little less bars.A  little more variety shopping, especially for the seniors in the community."

Larkin likes the areas spunk "When they have a setback, the community seems to rally around it and things go back to the way they were."

And that gets back to the award.

The America's Main Street Competition comes with a $25,000 development gr ant.

The voting is open to anyone, you can cast a vote here.

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