Clevelanders react to clip of coach going after man with baseball bat (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Take a look at this video.

You can see a man with a baseball bat charge up to another man as multiple people try to get in between and stop him.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.The incident happened over the weekend in Indianapolis at a youth baseball game.

The man, Paul Melvin, was a volunteer coach of the Cincy Flames, a Cincinnati-area league.

He's since been fired after that cell phone video was released on social media

Witnesses said that Melvin went after the man because he was inebriated and using profanity toward the coach and players.

Melvin apologized on Facebook, saying that his actions were appalling and inappropriate for any event. The video has been shared on Facebook almost 500,000 times.

Many people here in Cleveland are talking about it.

Heather Malone isn't affiliated with the team but says it's bad behavior all around.

Cleveland 19 caught her as she was out for a walk with her kids. She thinks things went too far.

"I mean, it's just words. I mean, you're gonna do that with everybody? It's just words, it's not worth it and you're not setting an example for the kids," she said.

Giovanni Casola says he wants to know more about what led up to the incident. After watching the video, he feels the coach had a lot of emotions.

"Obviously, there's another way the coach could have handled that, instead of reacting out of sheer rage and coming at him with a bat so you never know if the coach has his personal kids out on the field and that's a different story if you're thinking as a father rather than a coach," he said.

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