Having trouble booking a hotel for graduation weekend? Try Airbnb

Having trouble booking a hotel for graduation weekend? Try Airbnb
Airbnb saw a spike for graduation weekends in Ohio this year. (Stock Photo of an Airbnb,

In a lot of college towns hotel capacity is usually at its peak during graduation weekend.

According to a report from Airbnb its service has seen a spike in Ohio college towns.

This upcoming weekend is when students from the University of Akron graduate, Airbnb guests are up 25 percent from the week prior.

Airbnb guests staying in Columbus for The Ohio State University's graduation ceremonies was up 37 percent from the week prior.

At the College of Wooster Airbnb saw a 233 percent increase in the area from the week prior for graduation weekend.

Some hotels advise to book your hotel a year in advance for graduation.

A worker with the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center said if you want a room for the weekend of 2019 spring commencement you should put in the reservation on May 11 of 2018.

Airbnb is a vacation rental web service. People have the opportunity to rent out their homes or rooms to guests.

The service requires hosts to provide guests:

  • toilet paper
  • soap
  • linens and sheets
  • one towel per guest
  • one pillow per guest

It's usually cheaper for guests to use Airbnb than to stay at a hotel, it also gives large groups of people traveling to rent out a house for a weekend.

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