Nearly 65,000 crashes have happened because of distracted drivers since 2013

COPLEY, OH (WOIO) - Since 2013 nearly 65,000 crashes have happened because of distracted drivers.

"I don't text and drive, and if I see a family member doing it, I'll tell them to stop," Georgia Shay said.

Shay is a Copley High School senior, and plans on going to school for computer science.

She paired her concern for safety with her love of computers to win a competition to get teens to stop texting and driving.

"A lot of the campaigns so far that try to prevent teens from texting and driving concentrate on telling teens the dangers of texting while driving. They've already been told that so many times, and it hasn't had an effect," Shay explained.

She developed the idea for an app that runs like a game.  Teens score points if they drive without using their phones.

It takes points away if they text or call.

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