Primary election volunteers report deplorable filth at a Cleveland school (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Editor's note: UPDATE -- The photos featured in the gallery above were provided by CMSD May 10 after this story published to show the condition of the bathroom today. 

A whistle blower working on Ohio's primary election night May 8 at Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Luis Munoz Marin School contacted Cleveland 19 News after witnessing what she claims to be shocking filth inside the school.

According to Michele Laboo, who spoke on camera with Cleveland 19 News, many workers were shocked by the school's condition.

Video and photos were taken to document the alleged health hazards.

The worker was at the school Tuesday from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and said school was in session.

Laboo couldn't believe her eyes when she set foot in the dual language academy.

She says there were no signs on the bathroom door or the stalls saying "out of order."

In one photo, a toilet is shown covered in a garbage bag with what appears to be human waste inside. In a video, several toilets are covered with bags with human waste sitting in them. Toilet paper was also missing.

According to the whistle blower, volunteers could smell the stench from down the hallway.

Mold was reportedly found on sinks, and other toilets filled with more human waste. The volunteer says it appears the bathrooms hadn't been cleaned for at least several weeks.

Laboo's videos also show filthy windows, holes in ceiling tiles, a glass window area boarded up and an old atrium that's seen better days.

"Is it because it's a poor school? Do they deserve any less than another school that's supposed to be CLE public school? No they don't," she said.

"That is not acceptable. Someone needs to be held accountable from the principal all the way up to the mayor. Because somebody knew about this," Laboo said.

Cleveland19 spoke to six parents today off camera who said they heard the bathroom at school was in bad shape.

This fourth grader was with a grandparent when we spoke to her about the bathroom.

"I think it's been sitting there for a while," Nataliz Colon said.

We asked her about the condition of the school.

"It's clean, but the bathrooms are dirty not clean," she said.

Laboo has seen enough.

"That's not fair to them. Somebody has to be a voice for these kids," she said.

Luis Munoz Marion School is facility located at 1701 Castle Ave. in Cleveland.

The school serves students K-8 and was open on Thursday.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District spokeswoman Roseann Canfora shared several photos of the bathroom in question in response to the story. Those are displayed in the photo gallery above.

Canfora also released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

"Heavy use of first-floor bathrooms at Luis Munoz Marin School on Election Day left one urinal and two toilets clogged.  All three were taken out of service and covered in plastic until a plumber could repair; they were back in service the next morning.

Our restrooms at Marin were used that day by our own 565 students, 150 students attending Boys & Girls Club activities after school, in addition to voters and elections workers who left the building at 8:30 p.m. 

 Only one urinal is clogged today -- it was reported to the custodian this morning and is being fixed."

The school district did not respond when we asked about these other possible issues that Laboo pointed out.

City spokesman Dan Williams, who speaks for the health department, tells Cleveland19 this was a plumbing issue and they don't send health officials out to check schools for that.

He says the problem was taken care of.

Under state law, schools must be inspected twice a year.

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