How some drivers are basically flushing money down the toilet at the pumps

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You pull up to the pump and there is the decision, regular or premium.

When gas prices get this high and the choice is between $2.79 for regular and $3.05 for premium it might be an easy choice.

There's some good advice from GasBuddy's Petroleum Analysts Patrick DeHaan.

"Recommend" vs. "Requires"

DeHaan said the conversation about what octane you should put in your car should start with the owners manual for your car.

Sometimes this information is also list near or on your gas cap.

If it says your car requires premium gas you better use premium for optimum engine performance.

It also means you probably have a car with a premium engine.

If your manual says it recommends premium Dehaan says skip it.

"Don't buy premium unless your car needs it," DeHaan said. "You're flushing money down the toilet. Your car doesn't care what gas you put in it."

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