Cleveland Museum of Natural History's flourishing exploration deserves our tax dollars (editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Columbus television station recently took a "dig" at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

But the bone they had to pick wasn't with the dinosaurs on display, it was with the $2.5 million in state tax dollars lawmakers recently set aside from the capital budget to renovate and expand the 98-year-old museum.

Yeah, while that may be true, they are certainly welcome to come visit our museum here in Cleveland. It is Ohio's largest museum devoted to the natural sciences and one of the top 10 natural history museums in the U.S.

And, what the report failed to mention was that COSI, Columbus' science museum, is getting $5 million in state taxpayer dollars for a new glass walkway.

That's in addition to another $5 million COSI recently received for it's dinosaur exhibit. You know, I checked a map and it's just as far from Cleveland to Columbus as it is Columbus to Cleveland.

Our Natural History Museum conducts world-class scientific research and has made groundbreaking discoveries around the globe.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit each year, including children of all ages, who get a hands-on learning experience they just can't get in school. The award-winning Educator Resource Center even allows teachers to borrow items like wildlife specimens and microscopes, bringing the Cleveland Museum of Natural History right into their classrooms.

This certainly doesn't sound like a "misuse of tax dollars" to us. But it can be a reminder to Columbus media that just because it's the state capital doesn't mean there isn't an entire state outside their city limits.

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