Shopping can lead to lower gas prices

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The average price right now is around $2.85 a gallon.

That's $.35 cents higher than just a month ago.

It's something that many have to do but even though it pains us.

All across the country, people are feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices creep up.

AAA shows Thursday's national average for regular gas as $2.84 a gallon and that's up from last year's average which was $2.34.

With that in mind, many are looking for ways to save.

A good way is through gas station loyalty programs like Fuelperks! at Giant Eagle and Get Go. For every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle, you earn 10 cents off per gallon of gas at GetGo.

Dennis Wolk says that's how he gets by.

"Well, I've been using the savings card, my wife hasn't been to Giant Eagle in a while so I only have 3 cents. So I say I'm not filling up right away, I'm just getting enough to get me through a couple," he says.

"I got three cents today, yeah, it helps a little bit, every little bit helps," says Ora Johnson.

Others try to stick to one brand by linking their credit and debit cards to one particular station. You get a certain amount off  every time you purchase. Like Pamela Briggs.

"Shell has a card and you can save 5 cents so I go to Shell, I use premium," she says.

And then there's some people that don't even bother.

"I just need the gas. I don't really search, like you know how people have those apps and they search for the best price? I feel like it's super time-consuming and just not worth it. It probably is worth it but for me, I just get it and go,"  says Chrysanthe Demis.

You can check GasBuddy for deals on gas in your area or AAA Triptik.

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