Frigid spring keeps mosquitoes away, but not for long

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - If you've spent any time at all outside lately, you may have noticed the mosquitoes haven't been out in full force just yet. Experts say our cold spring is to thank for that, but don't pack away your insect repellent just yet.

"The temperatures of our spring have been erratic, but it does slow things down. So, mosquitoes are going to emerge later this spring," said Joe Lynch of the Cuyahoga County Health Department.

It's predicted that we will have an average mosquito season in Northeast Ohio.

In the next week, the Cuyahoga County Health Department will be heading out to different places in the county to set traps to collect mosquitoes and test them them for West Nile Virus.

"Typically, in the spring and the early summer, we don't have much West Nile activity with mosquitoes or people. It's later on in the summer - especially in August and September - is when we have more infected mosquitoes, and then we start seeing some human cases," added Lynch.

To minimize your risk, you should right now get rid of all the standing water around your house and use bug repellent.

"A lot of the public, they don't want to use insect repellent. They feel it's a chemical they are spraying on their skin, but we are still putting on deodorant. We are using toothpaste. We are using chemicals on our body in one way or another," said Lynch.

Keep in mind, mosquitoes are attracted to dark-colored clothing, so try to wear lighter colors to keep the mosquitoes at away.

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