16-year-old Hartville saxophonist has the groove and the grit to go far: Romona's Kids

HARTVILLE, OH (WOIO) - When you think of famous saxophonists, you might think of Grover Washington Junior, John Coltrane, or Kenny G, but someday you might add the name Logan Martin to the list. This week's Romona's Kid is from Stark County.

Logan Martin, 16, from Hartville, says it was his dad who helped him start playing the saxophone.

"It started in kindergarten - he would get it out once in a while and have me play it, and tell me to go play a scale," said Martin. "He'd say, here's the notes to the scale, try and play and when you get that perfect come back to me for something else."

Logan later went from school talent shows to playing at Date Night in Downtown Hartville to the National Anthem at a Lake High School Varsity basketball game. He's also played at churches and nursing homes.

"They really like it and I usually try to pick older songs that they would know," said Martin. "The last time I went, there was this woman who came up to me and hugged me and told me that she wants me to come back."

Martin plays soprano, alto and tenor saxophone.

"I like it because they all have a different sound yet they all have the same fingerings and just the different techniques you can use on them and different things you can do with them."

Martin just won a competition at Burning Bush Church in Akron.

"They had a talent show and I played the first song and got first place in the first round, so I went on to the second round and ended up getting first place in that one."

Martin also volunteers as a youth baseball and football coach and youth leader at his church.

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