Chef Jose Andres opens Beefsteak restaurant inside Cleveland Clinic (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Humanitarian, chef and immigrant Jose Andres took the microphone to announce the roots of his veggie-based eatery that opened in the Cleveland Clinic.

"Food can, and does feed our souls," Andres told the crowd gathered in the Crile Building (2049 E 100th St, A Building, Cleveland) May 10, to celebrate the 16,000-square-foot, ten-million-dollar makeover. Six eateries make up the cafeteria, including Beefsteak, Starbucks, Flatbread Station, Roasted Meat Carvery, Grill Station and Pho and Bone Broth.

Andres was inspired to join the Cleveland Clinic cafeteria because of his childhood memories. Both his parents were nurses and as a child he spent a considerable amount of time there. He offered a new philosophy for cafeteria food.

"Hospitals should not be the place we come to be fixed, hospitals should also should be the place to show us how we should never get sick," Andres said.

Beefsteak is the first fast-casual concept created by Andres where vegetables take center stage.

Cleveland Clinic is committed to helping our patients, visitors and caregivers achieve good health and well-being, and one way we do this is by making healthy food options available,” said William Peacock, III Cleveland Clinic chief of operations. “We are proud to offer a variety of culinary options in a new dining environment on our main campus”

At Beefsteak, diners can select one of Beefsteak's composed bowls or customize their own, with a myriad of flash-prepared vegetables, hearty grains, house-made sauces, a variety of crisp and fresh toppings, and optional meatier toppings.

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