It took 150 hours to make this wooden bicycle stolen from Ohio City; owner has unique response to thief

OHIO CITY, OH (WOIO) - It took 150 hours to build by hand, and in a split second it was gone.

The bike, that looks more like a piece of functioning art, was locked up behind ABC Tavern in Ohio City on Wednesday, and when Peter Debelak went to get it the lock was cut and left hanging.

Proud of what the wood was to become, Debelak even documented the build in a YouTube video.

Debelak posted his reaction to the bike being stolen on Facebook, and it's not what you might think.

"I think I am OK if it's not found.There is something nice (like existentially) about a thief finding something that is precious, something rare," the post said.

Debelak told Cleveland 19 Reporter Dan DeRoos his message for the person who took it is, "I'd want whomever took it just to take care of it, to treasure it."

He says he'll make another bike at some point and almost more remarkable than the bike is Debelak's attitude about the theft.

"That's just how life goes. The joy was in making it. I would like to believe that if someone does keep it, and cares for it, it would be persistent source of self-reflection," he said.

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