Cleveland school faces more questions after release of fire inspection report

One of the toilets inside of the school. (Source: Michele Laboo)
One of the toilets inside of the school. (Source: Michele Laboo)
One of the photos CMSD sent us of the cleaned bathroom. (Source: CMSD)
One of the photos CMSD sent us of the cleaned bathroom. (Source: CMSD)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 continues to get answers on conditions inside a Cleveland school after a concerned woman shot video of unsanitary bathrooms inside.

It turns out, the bathrooms may not be the only problem.

We requested the latest building inspection report from the Cleveland Fire Department, and learned inspectors found some violations at Luis Munoz Marin School.

A poll worker shot cell phone video on Tuesday, primary election day, showing human waste piling up in toilets at the school.

Michele Laboo said the stench was so bad she could smell it from down the hallway.

"It looked like a third world country in there, I'm not even kidding. And I was disgusted," Laboo said.

On Thursday, after we notified Cleveland Metro Schools, they sent us pictures showing the bathroom had been cleaned. Spokeswoman Roseann Canfora also sent us this statement:

"Heavy use of first-floor bathrooms at Luis Munoz Marin School on Election Day left one urinal and two toilets clogged.  All three were taken out of service and covered in plastic until a plumber could repair; they were back in service the next morning.

On Friday, Dan Williams, director of media relations with the city of Cleveland, told us a health official will be assigned to inspect the school.

The health department says there have not been any complaints there since 2015.

Cleveland19 requested public records from the Cleveland Fire Department, and they sent us the latest inspection report of Luis Munoz Marin School from October 2017.

Violations include not performing a fire drill, at least one fire alarm needed to be fixed, fire extinguishers also needed to be serviced and the fire department's connection wasn't properly marked.

But the biggest issue inspectors found was handicapped children were on the third floor of the school without proper sheltering in case of a fire or tornado.

According to the report, an inspector came back a month later in November, and told the principal those students should be "on the first floors near an exit until a plan is in place to safely evacuate them."

A few days later, that same inspector came back and noticed students and faculty members with disabilities were located on upper floors.

He noted quote-- "it is evident that a plan is still not in a place to evacuate the building in a timely and safe manner."

He said he would contact the fire marshal about his findings.

Cleveland19 is still waiting to find out if the building is up to code. It's been more than six months since the school was inspected.

We have calls out to the city and the school district.

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