Brecksville mom celebrates first Mother's Day with quadruplets

Brecksville mom celebrates first Mother's Day with quadruplets

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - You might say Kelly Myers had many reasons to celebrate on Mother's Day; eight reasons to be exact.

"If you have would have asked me years ago, I'd go, 'Oh, that's not me. One baby - that's all I want,' but I wouldn't change it. They are the best!" said Myers.

Alycia, Brianna, Chloe and Dylan are 10-months-old and healthy, and so are her other four kiddos, which is all a mom can hope for.

Myers and her husband didn't plan on having quads.

It just kind of happened.

"My husband was going to get a vasectomy and just didn't get there in time," adds Myers.

Which brings us to the moment Myers found out she would have quadruplets.

"I'm just like hyperventilating, and she's like, 'Kelly, you've got to breathe.' I'm like, 'I can't!'" said Myers.

Over a year later, Myers has settled nicely into being a mom of eight.

"It gets rough. We somewhat have a system. I let them run the show. They wake when they want. They eat when they want. They nap when they want. The only thing that I keep routine is a bedtime."

The babies are in bed by 8:30 p.m. and are now sleeping through the night - a major milestone!

What does this super mom want for Mother's Day?

"Honestly, no fighting. That's all I want! No fighting," said Myers.

For Mother's Day, Myers got some flowers, cards and some heartfelt sentiments from the teenage daughter, who helps Myers take care of the babies.

"She does so much for everybody. She cares so much about people. She just deserves a lot," said McKenzie Smith, Myers' 15-year-old daughter.

Experts say the chance of having quadruplets, naturally, is 1 in 700,000.

If you're thinking Myers should buy a lottery ticket - she's heard that one before.

"So many people have said that, and it's like, I have no luck - absolutely no luck - with anything else but my babies. Kids are my lucky streak," said Myers.

And eight, she says, is enough.

Mom says it's only recently that she's had to buy diapers because the community's been so generous.

If you'd like to follow the quad's progress or make a donation to help the Myers family out, click here.

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