Parma man arrested in connection with son's death

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The night before mother's day, a mom is now dealing with the loss of her baby.

"Awful. I feel terrible for the mother.  The boy, sick that someone who lives that close can do something like that," said neighbor Krystal Robbins

Around 9 o'clock Saturday night Parma police say a man walked up to the lobby to turn himself in for a crime he said he committed.

Police noticed the man had lacerations on both arms.

Police say they learned the man's 18 month-old son was in the car in the parking lot.

He was unresponsive and not breathing.

They took him to University Hospitals Parma, which is next door to the police station.

Neighbor Krystal Robbins says at least the man turned himself in, "At least he had the mindset to do that, I just wish he would have taken the baby to the hospital before turning himself in.  They are both right there."

"That is outrageous to know that someone would hurt a child," said Didane Cook.

Police say the child died at the hospital, and the man was taken to Metro Hospital because of his own injuries, but is being guarded by police.

"This person should get the full wrath of our legal system and there's no way around it," Cook said.

Neighbors tell me they are thinking about that little boy, and his mother.

"Probably thought she would have the day to herself.  Unfortunately, she lost her son," Robbins said.

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