An explanation of possible Ohio license changes for your hair stylist or manicurist

An explanation of possible Ohio license changes for your hair stylist or manicurist
A new bill in Columbus is trying to change the number of classroom hours necessary to get a license for cosmetology.

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - In Columbus, two pieces of legislation are being considered that would -- in some cases -- greatly reduce the amount of classroom hours it would take to become a cosmetologist, hair designer, manicurist or esthetician.

(An esthetician is someone who works with the skin, as in a facial.)

In House Bill 189 (HB 189) titled, "Change Cosmetology Licensing Law" there are several changes being considered but mostly focuses on the number of hours required at a licensed cosmetology school.

In Sec. 4713.28 the bill specifically makes the following changes:

  • Cosmetology license from 1,500 classroom hours to 1,000
  • Manicurist license from 300 classroom hours to 100
  • Hair designer license from 1,200 classroom hours to 800
  • Esthetics license from 600 classroom hours to 300

The bill is being sponsored by State Rep. Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) and Cleveland 19 has reached out to her for a comment as to why the need for change.

There are some who claim to know why, and are protesting the bill.

At the time of this article 1,493 people have signed a petition posted by Sue Moore.

In the petition Moore makes some strong accusations as to why the bill is looking to reduce the work to become licensed.

Proponents of these bills are nationally franchised hair cutting chains that we believe have over-sold franchises and now face a labor shortage. Solution: reduce education to provide employees faster.

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