'Sax Man' documentary about local musician to release nationwide

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Last month, legendary Cleveland musician Maurice Reedus Jr. passed away at the age of 65.

A new documentary will be released honoring the iconic saxophonist aptly titled, "The Sax Man."

Anyone downtown could easily spot the flamboyant clothing, sunglasses and that big smile.

The documentary will be released Tuesday, May 15.

"People knew the Sax Man, but didn't know Maurice, the man behind the character," said director, Joe Siebert.

So Siebert made it his business to capture the magic of the sax player and spread it around the world.

"Initially it was just going to be kind of a short film on an eccentric character who wore flashy clothes," said Siebert.

But he later realized that there was more behind the man who often blew his horn downtown for events and game days.

"As we got to know him we realized that there was this kind of deep connection he had with the community that I don't think the community itself realized," said Siebert.

It's no secret to long-time Clevelanders that attending an Indians or Cavs game downtown will never be the same because the sounds of the sax will never again bounce off the pavement.

"There's just gonna be kind of that spirit that was always there that won't be. I think that most people will know that there will be something that isn't there anymore," said Siebert. "It's been a real bitter sweet moment for us because it's something that all of us had been waiting for including him. But instead it's become more about his legacy and a reminder of just who he was and what he meant to the city."

You'll be able to purchase the "Sax Man" documentary across most digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play this upcoming Tuesday.

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