Taste Buds: Gravy recipe rescue on the great crock pot debate

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's time for Taste Buds, Cleveland 19 News' weekly video podcast all about food and cooking!

Each week, chefs David Kocab of The Black Pig in Ohio City and Matt Mytro of Flour Restaurant in Moreland Hills join Cleveland 19's Jen Picciano to discuss hot topics in the restaurant scene and help viewers make better food at home.

This week the Taste Buds are tackling another "Recipe Rescue," helping a viewer with a technique or dish they can't seem to master. A viewer wrote in asking the Taste Buds to help her finally get her gravy right.

In addition, the trio will engage in "the great crock pot debate." One of the chefs is actually an avid user of his crock pot at home. Another is very much against their use. Jen falls somewhere in between, eager to master the home appliance, for convenience purposes, but she never seems to get it right!

As always, you can weigh in on the conversation during the live podcast.  Tell the Taste Buds what you think about a subject, ask a question, seek advice or suggest topics. You can watch it live at 10 a.m. on Roku, Amazon Fire TV or on Cleveland 19 News Facebook Live, news app or website.

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