Little Italy road work will stifle Mayfield Road traffic for 50 days

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mayfield Road in Little Italy will be resurfaced and there are things you should know to avoid delays or get to businesses there.

The final signs went up, before the heavy rain moved in.

Orange barrels are in place along with road closed signs. The weather didn't allow much more.

The most important fact for drivers is that starting Monday you'll only be able to go west on Mayfield for the entire job, and there will be no parking during the day.

Visitor Joe Longaro says, "I think it will have an effect on the business, but hopefully people will still come down and support the businesses."

There is no doubt that the work is needed. A ride on Mayfield lets you feel how drivers are bounced around by potholes, bad patches and either sunken or raised utility covers.

The work to be done is known as a mill and fill.

Grinding off the top 3 inches and replacing it with fresh asphalt.  It is a city project, supervised by ODOT.

Ohio's partnership with the city of Cleveland works for both entities.

The 80/20 split means the city gets the project done for 20 percent of the total cost.

The state gets access to federal funds, easing the financial burden.

A separate part of the work includes repaving Chester Road from East 93rd Street to Euclid Avenue, also currently a bumpy ride.

Restaurant owner Rick Salerno likes the plans and thinks they'll help momentum on the hill moving,

"You see all the buildings, apartments and condos that are going up there so the area will be great."

Summed up that it is a short term pain for long term gain.

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