Valley View residents brace for floods, or head for dryer land

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - It's a phrase the residents know well; you either live in the valley, or you live where there's a view. If you live with a view, no problem. If you live in the valley next to the Cuyahoga River and Erie Canal, that can be a bit more challenging.

Neil Momoser of Murray Road in Valley View is preparing to move out by the beginning of next week. He grew up in Valley View and wanted to stay, but the floods and constant threat became too much for him and his wife to bear. So, the retirees are heading for dryer land.

Momoser took a buyout offer from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and his home is likely to be demolished. Other homes in the area used the money to raise their homes several feet on concrete blocks and some refused the offer altogether, choosing to deal with floodwaters.

Momoser says he and his wife are too old to deal with preparing for a flood, the cleanup and any appliances that need to be replaced in the aftermath. Often, the Momosers' hadn't been able to sleep if it rained for a few days, unable to relax because of the fear the basement would be filled with water again.

Flood insurance had become too expensive in that area for Momoser, who is on a fixed income. He says many retirees are facing the same issue. But he's happy he won't have to worry about flooding after this week. He only wants a few dry days to help his move.

Brad Sussman, a local self-employed insurance agent, says it's very important for homeowners to talk with their agents at least once a year to keep up to date with their coverage. Flood insurance actually comes in two different forms; water getting into the basement from the outside and water and sewage coming up from below, which obviously leaves a messy clean up.

In addition to speaking with your agent to make sure you're covered, Sussman recommends hiring local contractors for any repairs and warned against out of town "storm chasers" who flock to affected areas and sometimes do substandard work.

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