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Ohio nearly tops 'Horrible Hundred' puppy mill list, US Humane Society reports

(Source: AP Images) (Source: AP Images)

The Humane Society of the United States has published a list of 100 problem puppy mills and dog sellers, dubbed the "Horrible Hundred."

The list is released to help draw widespread awareness about the cruel conditions at puppy mills, which are large pet breeding operations that focus on profit over animal welfare.

Missouri continues to have the largest number of puppy mills for the sixth year in a row (23), followed by Ohio (13), Iowa (10) and Pennsylvania (nine), according to the report. 

Flagged breeders and stores in Ohio are located in the cities of Baltimore, Canton, Charm, Dundee, Fredericksburg, Loudonville, Millersburg and Sugar Creek.

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The "Horrible Hundred" list is based on reported lapses in dog medical care, and factors in below-average ratings on Yelp.com, YellowPages.com and a number of other online consumer platforms.

Several reviewers mentioned a strong odor, puppies who looked sick and animals kept in cramped enclosures in the Ohio stores.

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