Driving you crazy: East 9th Street steel plates lingering due to permit issues

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The rumble of metal plates as cars roll over them has become a kind of welcome to downtown Cleveland at East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue.

Drivers tell us they're used to it but don't like it.

Repairs to underground lines caused by steam pipes are done, but the plates remain. Valets at the nearby KimptonHhotel hear it every day, all day,

Is a bumpy, noisy ride the calling card we want to present to visitors? "I wish they'd get rid of em already. They been here for months,  come on now guys," said a downtown motorist.

When Cleveland 19 started digging for answers two weeks ago, we were told that they'd be done by today.  We went back to Terrace Construction, the company contracted to do the work, for an update.

"You'd have to ask the city when we're gonna get a permit to do it," a company representative said.

Turns out Terrace had been back on the job in April to finish it, but the city took issue with the type of permit they had and kicked them off the job, creating the delay.

Regarding the permit, there's a little bit of the blame game going on.  Terrace says it's waiting for a permit.

The city says one was only applied for on Friday. But that was by ATT, who contracted the work with Terrace.

The city now says it is working quickly on the permit issue. Meantime the plates make an already congested situation worse.  A limo driver commented: "You drive for a living. How much of a pain in the neck are these plates? People aren't courteous the way they used to be. They block up the entrances to get out."

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