Do you have to have a driver's license?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A man was pulled over Sunday night in Canton and refused to get out of his car, arguing it was his right.

The driver ended up in the hospital after being bitten by a Canton police dog. His injuries so severe, he needed surgery.

Some people who refer to themselves as sovereign citizens refuse to follow some aspects of the motor vehicle law.  How can this be and what exactly is a sovereign citizen?

Vicki Anderson with the FBI says sovereign citizens do not believe they need driver's licenses or need to register their cars.

"There are people out there that believe the government's rules apply to them.  They do not believe in big government, they believe if you are driving a car for personal reasons, as long as you are not making money on it, then you don't need that government document," Anderson explained.

Ronald Wagner II told us he does not consider himself a sovereign citizen, but some would say he sounds like one.  He argues he doesn't need the government documents because of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that says you and I have a right travel on roads and highways, again as a right, not a privilege. They conclude it means they don't need a license.

"Ohio has laws in regards to driving and what is required, and those are the laws in which we have to operate under in today's world," Anderson said.

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