Cleveland school security guard takes down mother after heated argument over bullying

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The mother of a second grader at Memorial Elementary in Cleveland had a run-in with a school security guard last Friday, May 11.

She complains he had no right to take her down when she confronted another mother over her son's alleged bullying of her daughter.

School surveillance video caught most of the incident.

"He takes me and yanks me by the back of my hair and that when you see my legs swing, and he like, did a spin d rop on me," said Ashley Hayes.

She said it happened as she was addressing a bullying incident at her daughter's school.

"She gets in the car and she says, 'Mom, the girl and the boy that's been messing with me, their mom said something to me.' I said, what? I said: oh no, no, no. We're going to go into the office and report this like I've been doing reporting everything else. They're going to put this on paper," said Hayes.

A source at the school, who was on scene, says there's some history with Ashley, who, they say, has been aggressive all year.

Hayes is keeping her daughter out of school for now, until the underlying alleged bullying is resolved.

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