Local couple to wed on same day as the royals: 'We don't want them to totally copy us'

AVON, OH (WOIO) - While the world will be watching the royal wedding on Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not the only bride and groom tying the knot that day.

Sure, May 19 is the date Prince Harry and Meghan will get married. But that's the same date Claire and Keagan picked, over a year and a half ago, to tie the knot.

They're getting married at St. Raphael Church in Bay Village.

"Keagan and I were like, They picked the date because of us,'" says Claire, as she laughs.

Keagan's last name, Meehan, is only one letter off royal bride Meghan's name. It's been a fun connection.

"A lot of jokes. People say they aren't going to make it because they have to go to the royal wedding," says Keagan.

The couple who met in high school, Keagan went to St. Ignatius and Claire to St. Joseph's Academy, says the coincidence has actually humanized the royal couple for them.

"We're kind of going through the same things as they are and it's kind of cool to have that connection to the royals," says Keagan.

And while Claire says she will not be arriving to the church by horse drawn carriage like Meagan, she's also not giving away any more ceremony secrets.

"We don't want them to totally copy us," she says laughing.

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