Sewer project delays cause problems for blind man's walk to work

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The streets of Cleveland have been a source of frustration for quite sometime.

Potholes are plentiful, and water and sewer jobs tear up main roadways for months at a time.

A project downtown is a particular aggravation.

There is a sewer replacement project on West Superior just before the Detroit Superior bridge.

The work makes one man's already difficult journey even more difficult.

That is because David Rabinsky is blind.

He walks to and from his work at the Ritz Carlton with the aid of Cody, his 10-year-old seeing eye dog.

Needless to say, the major sewer reconstruction in front of his apartment building on West Superior is no walk in the park.

The job was supposed to end last December.

"Coming up on six months ago, so what's the hold up.  Haven't heard a word. It's anxiety provoking for me, that's the best way to describe it," Rabinsky said.

Another issue: all the potholes.  Although not directly tied to the sewer work David said they cause navigation problems for Cody.

"Especially when it is raining all these potholes that are here it's hard to navigate because there are cars that could be here," Rabinsky said.

While we walked during our report Cody led him around a large pothole.

"There's been all kinds of changes on this concrete or asphalt that we're walking on. Sometimes they dig it up sometimes they cover it up.  There's machinery that's left here," Rabinsky said.

We asked the City of Cleveland what is causing the hold up and have heard nothing.  As one passerby put it, everything moves slowly in Cleveland.

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