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Actor Jim Carrey stirs gun control debate with devilish depiction of Kent State grad with rifle

(Source: Kaitlin Bennett) (Source: Kaitlin Bennett)

Jim Carrey, the comedian who has become known recently for his unflattering paintings of President Trump and his administration, has taken aim at the Kent State graduate who posed with an AR-10 rifle on campus.

"Enjoy the show in Santa Fe tomorrow," Carrey wrote on Twitter, referring to the latest school shooting in Texas that left 10 people dead.

He captioned the painting that appears to show Kent State University graduate Kaitlin Bennett in her white dress with her rifle and grad cap. In the background, a devilish, ghoul-like creature is seen snarling in the background.

Bennett's graduation photo on campus with the rifle and her cap that reads "come and take it" has since gone viral. She responded to the tweet, calling it "disgusting."

Bennett added on Twitter, "You're the one that supports gun control policies that let these kids die. Is this what you have to do because you've become irrelevant?"

Carrey has been using his social media account as an outlet to advocate for gun control and artistically attacking members of the White House administration, including President Trump himself, Rudy Giuliani, and the NRA.

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